Top Vocabularies, According to ChatGPT

While I was chatting with ChatGPT, I asked her for a list of the top vocabularies. I would give the list it produced a grade of A-, related to vocabularies that the SEO industry uses.   In context to the vocabularies that Google leverages, Person is typically an attribute of Article, and Logo, which is an attribute of Organization is now more important than Organization itself. I’m surprised WebSite (recent site name news) did not make her list.

Some links: Google’s guides to structured data, Rich Snippet text tool. Google’s guides are linked below: is a set of vocabularies that can be used to mark up content on a website to make it more easily understood by search engines. Here is a list of some popular vocabularies provided by

  1. Article: used to mark up news articles, blog posts, and other similar content.
  2. Person: used to mark up information about people, such as authors, speakers, or performers.
  3. Product: used to mark up information about products, including prices, reviews, and availability.
  4. Event: used to mark up information about events, such as concerts, conferences, or exhibitions.
  5. Organization: used to mark up information about organizations, such as businesses or non-profit organizations.
  6. Review: used to mark up reviews of products, services, or other items.
  7. LocalBusiness: used to mark up information about local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, or shops.
  8. VideoObject: used to mark up information about videos, such as movie trailers, music videos, or educational videos.
  9. BreadcrumbList: used to mark up the breadcrumb navigation on a website, making it easier for search engines to understand the site’s structure.
  10. FAQPage: used to mark up a FAQ page with questions and answers.

It is worth mentioning that provides many other vocabularies that can be used to markup different types of content, this list is not exhaustive.