Now that Crypto is tanking, let’s all talk about ChatGPT

Now that Crypto is tanking (or has tanked), ChatGPT is the favored topic among human SEO experts.

I asked ChatGPT for a list of top SEO blogs, and here is what it had to say:

Here is a list of some popular blogs about search engine marketing:

  1. Search Engine Land:
  2. Search Engine Journal:
  3. Moz:
  4. Search Engine Watch:
  5. Search Engine Roundtable:
  6. The SEM Post:
  7. The SEMrush Blog:
  8. Search Engine People:
  9. Ignite Digital:
  10. Neil Patel:

Please note, this list is not exhaustive, there may be other blogs with good information about search engine marketing. Also, the quality and relevance of the information provided may vary depending on the blog.