Sony ILCE-7M3

Buckeye Butterfly photo taken with a Sony ILCE-7M3

This is a photo of a Buckeye Butterfly Buckeye taken with a Sony ILCE-7M3 and Sony’s 100mm macro lens.

ILCE-7M3 is the other name of the Alpha 7iii camera. Buckeye


I should gave gotten the R version of the camera for the extra MBs. Photography can be an expensive hobby, both in terms of money and time (learning to properly use the equipment).

I began my photography hobby in the 2010s to get close-up photos of insects & plants. I bought a quality camera, a macro lens, a tripod, and lights. What I did not know about was “focus stacking”, the process photographers use to stack many photos taken with slightly different focus settings to create a single in-focus image. I would take photos with my macro lens and think, “why is only one part of the photo in focus”, “is it an aperture issue”, or “do I just suck and photos”? Nah — the secret is photo-stacking in Photoshop.

The images on this page are not focus-stacked.

I expect in-camera firmware to auto-stack photos in the future. The phone or camera company that comes up with that will be a winner.


Sony ILCE-7M3

Dusk on Sandy Hook (NJ) (Photo)

Dusk on Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is a national park in New Jersey. Sony ILCE-7M3.

Dusk on Sandy Hook